Counselling & Social Services

PCFSA provides a range of counselling and social services for residents across South Vancouver Island. These include work with isolated seniors, individuals addressing family violence, youth outreach and email counselling, youth gang and exploitation prevention and intervention, family and couples counselling, counselling to address substance use, mental health counselling, and trauma therapy.

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Community Health Centre – Medical Services

The Westshore Community Health Centre (WSCHC) is a new multidisciplinary primary care centre operated by Pacific Centre Family Services Association (PCFSA) which is designed to bring low-barrier, trauma-informed coordinated healthcare to the underserved populations of the Westshore and their families.

More On Our Services

Make a Donation

Community supporters are an integral part of the PCFSA team. Please donate now on the form below to support the counselling, education and creative programs.

Your donation will improve lives. Here’s what your donations have helped us to do:

  • 110 new individual clients received complex substance use counselling over the past six months
  • Over 1500 youth received help through our youth email counselling service every 6 months
  • Over 2000 individuals attend counselling and other supportive services each year

These incredible results are only possible with help from caring individuals like you. Your donation helps PCFSA encourage healthy patterns of living that improve the quality and dignity of life of individuals and families within our diverse community.

How Can You Help?

A big part of the success of Pacific Centre Family Services Association comes from the support that we get from individuals, groups and businesses in the community. One major thing that helps our programs help people is cash donations. Here’s a few examples of how your hard earned money can go a long way:

  • $5.50 per pay period ($143 per year) will pay for a risk assessment of a man’s violence in his family, which will help to determine if it is safe enough for him to remain living with his children.
  • $10 per pay period ($260 per year) gives a couple four sessions of professional joint counselling, which could help them to reduce conflict in their relationship and create harmony at home for their children.
  • $43 per month, ($520 per year) allows us to respond to 10 email queries from youth seeking help via the internet, which may help those youth to reach a safe solution to a problem or find the intervention they need.
  • $35 per pay period ($910 per year) purchases the supplies and guest speakers for a whole program of a girls’ group. This group helps girls find educational and support group and enhance their self-esteem.
  • $50 per pay period ($1300 per year) helps a child recover from the trauma of child sexual abuse through almost 5 months of individual therapy. This therapy helps them recover from their trauma, increases their resiliency, and improves their chances of long term safety and emotional health.
  • $200 per pay period ($5200 per year) assists us to deliver additional Seeking Safety group interventions in rural communities for women recovering from the trauma of violence and concurrent addictions issues. This support increases women’s self-esteem and self-determination and improves their chances of long term personal and family safety.

Make a Monthly Donation

Monthly donations are crucial to PCFSA’s operations. They enable us to better plan our annual budget and service capacity.  We treasure the trust and loyalty of our monthly donors.  They truly understand the long term needs of the children and families we serve.

Donations can be as low as $10/month and have the benefit of being spread throughout the year. As with all donations, tax receipts are issued.  All monthly donations can be directed to particular programs and support individuals who need PCFSA’s direct and professional help.

To set up a monthly donation you can contact PCFSA’s office at 250 478 8357 or donate through Canada Helps.

Sponsorship and donation arrangements can be customized to your needs and receipted for tax purposes.  Please call 250-478-8357 to discuss what works for you.

Leave a Legacy

You can combine your philanthropic and financial goals through careful planning of a bequest in your own will. Whatever your circumstances, age, or health, a bequest can be made that will benefit PCFSA service recipients in the future.  Bequests are a way that individuals in our community can leave a legacy in their name or the names of loved ones and have a substantial impact for children and families, now and in the future.

Contact your lawyer to set up a legacy and feel free to contact PCFSA directly for any details you require.

Options for Business

Pacific Centre Family Services provides charitable tax receipts for most donations. We also work with local, regional and large companies to create sponsorship, donation and naming opportunities that meet the needs of business owners and managers.

Here are some ways that PCFSA can receive donations and sponsorships:

  1. Advertise your company as a proud supporter of Pacific Centre Family Services, along with PCFSA’s logo and your own. This advertising may be print, radio, TV, websites, or on vehicles or other mediums your company uses most effectively. This is often a fully tax-deductible advertising expense.
  1. Pay for PCFSA’s advertising needs throughout the year, with your company logo included. This will largely be in print mediums, but may also extend to radio, TV and social media/website. This is also a fully deductible expense.
  1. Provide funding for a room or feature of the new building, with your company name featured there and on our website. This can be a fully deductible promotional expense.
  1. Support costs such as janitorial, utilities or childcare can also be funded and acknowledged.  Naming is a fully deductible promotion expense. Other support costs can be acknowledged publicly and are also seen as promotion for your company and can be deducted in the same way.
  1. Donate goods in kind (building materials, insurance, furniture, equipment) and receive a tax creditable receipt for its value.
  1. Donate any amount of cash over a period of 1-3 years and receive a tax creditable receipt.

Sponsorship and donation arrangements can be customized to your needs and receipted for tax purposes. Please call 250-478-8357 to discuss what works for you.

We look forward to helping you support the health and wellbeing of children and families in our community.