Counselling & Social Services

PCFSA provides a range of counselling and social services for residents across South Vancouver Island. These include work with isolated seniors, individuals addressing family violence, youth outreach and email counselling, youth gang and exploitation prevention and intervention, family and couples counselling, counselling to address substance use, mental health counselling, and trauma therapy.

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Community Health Centre – Medical Services

The Westshore Community Health Centre (WSCHC) is a new multidisciplinary primary care centre operated by Pacific Centre Family Services Association (PCFSA) which is designed to bring low-barrier, trauma-informed coordinated healthcare to the underserved populations of the Westshore and their families.

More On Our Services

Substance Use Program

We are committed to offering free, confidential and useful services to participants in an individual and/or group setting. We support clients to engage in strategies that are based on their needs and priorities. We help participants with their goals whether they are directed at cutting back use or stopping alcohol and/or other drug use completely. We’re there to help if someone is simply trying to make sense of whether they have a drug problem or not. As well, we work with people affected by others’ substance use to deal with the impacts and take care of their own needs.

How we help

  • One to one, family and group counselling are available to help participants make sense of their situation, work on goals, prevent relapse etc.
  • Assessments with an Substance Use Counsellor to help come up with the best plan possible based on each participants’ feedback and situation.
  • Useful pamphlets and other information to help people make sense of the effects of various drugs including alcohol.
  • When needed, referrals are made to services that make the most sense for each person. Examples include detox, residential treatment, mental health services, N.A. and A.A.

Who we work with

You are eligible for this free service if you are 19 and over, live in the West Shore (including View Royal and the Highlands), Metchosin or Sooke and:

  • You are having difficulties with your own alcohol and/or other drug use and/or recovery process
  • And/or you have a mental health issue
  • And/or you are affected by someone else’s alcohol and/or other drug use

Our counsellors recognize that dealing with alcohol and other drug problems can be extremely challenging. We’re here to support you along the way, and help you come up with strategies that work best in your situation.