Counselling & Social Services

PCFSA provides a range of counselling and social services for residents across South Vancouver Island. These include work with isolated seniors, individuals addressing family violence, youth outreach and email counselling, youth gang and exploitation prevention and intervention, family and couples counselling, counselling to address substance use, mental health counselling, and trauma therapy.

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Community Health Centre – Medical Services

The Westshore Community Health Centre (WSCHC) is a new multidisciplinary primary care centre operated by Pacific Centre Family Services Association (PCFSA) which is designed to bring low-barrier, trauma-informed coordinated healthcare to the underserved populations of the Westshore and their families.

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Stopping the Violence

Stopping the Violence Program at Pacific Centre provides counselling for women, trans women and gender fluid individuals who currently experience or have previously experienced abuse in an intimate adult relationship and/or who were sexually abused as children.

What we do 

  • Counselling: Individual counselling is provided at no cost to women. Staff have specialized training and experience to provide support and advocacy. Priority is based on the safety needs of the women. Counselling addresses issues including:
  • Recognizing and understanding the dynamics of abuse
  • Exploring the impact of past and current abuse
  • Self-care
  • Learning new coping and assertiveness skills
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-worth
  • Developing a safety plan
  • Developing and accessing a support system Group

Support groups, in conjunction with the Western Communities Women’s Collaborative, are offered on a regular basis. Groups focus on understanding violence and dynamics of abuse, safety and safety planning, boundary setting, coping with stress, healthy relationship choices, and self-esteem.

Connect with Stopping the Violence

We serve the West Shore, from View Royal to Metchosin. Referrals are open to any woman or transwoman in the community who is experiencing, or has experienced abuse by a partner, and/or has experienced childhood sexual abuse. We also liaise with and refer to other local agencies.