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Safer Families Program

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The Safer Families Program is offered by Pacific Centre Family Services with funding from the United Way of Greater Victoria. The mandate of this program is to serve parents and their children who have experienced high conflict and are in varying stages of change or transitition. Parents who are separated will be supported to maximize safety as transition occurs. Intact families will be supported to develop healthier, strength based lifestyles. Coordinated services are provided to participating family members.

The program is intended to provide timely, collaborative service to participating family members, with goals agreed to ahead of time. Counselling is short to mid-range, 6-24 sessions, with regular reviews.

These services are provided to parents, care givers and children residing within the Capital Regional District.


Family members and professionals may make referrals. All direct inquiries should be made to 250-478-8357.


Pacific Centre Family Services Association relies on the assistance of individuals, families and businesses to provide vital services to support Children, Seniors and Families in our community. From volunteering to financial donations, there are many ways for you to help us to continue providing services such as Youth Talk, Affordable Counseling, Better at Home and many more!


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